Changing My Room: 2011 Edition Part 1

Originally, I was going to start remodeling my room during my spring break vacation. What happened was that I bought a poster off of Marmar04, the guy that runs my IRC channel. Since I like to frame my posters, I went out and bought one. While I was in the store, there was a sale on bookcases and I got it as well. I decided not to wait for my vacation and started remodeling.

Doing the finishing touches to a 3 shelf bookcase. I'm moving all of my manga to both bookcases.

I ripped off the big shelving unit from my wall. I feel that I no longer need it anymore. The paint that is left on the wall makes it look like someone wiped their ass will my wall.

Thank you for your service for the last few years. You have been a pain in the ass.

The room looks better like this, it feels more opened. I also like that I can use the top of the bookcase to display my Nendoroids and Gunpla. I need to make space so, I can once again proudly display my Figma figures.

For the time being, I using my 5 shelf bookcase to display my figures.

I'm using CD jewel case to prop up the figures in the back. I have done this before and it works very well.
To finish this project, I need to paint my room, get a new desk, and build the figure display stands. I think I'll have this done in about a month and it shouldn't be too hard to complete.

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