Figma Retirement

Well, It has been decided that I will no longer collect Figma and Revoltech figures. I kind of lost the desire to collect these types of figure because I now prefer high quality scaled figures and Gunpla instead. Also, the one I currently have are in the way and I have no place to display them in their glory.

I quickly dusted them before putting them away in their own ziplock bags.

"Don't put me away, papa"

My goodness, it looks like a funeral

Storing them in the plastic bin so, they won't get misplaced and/or damaged.

The only Figma that survived was Miku Hatsune. I really like this Figma because of the detail it has compared to others. I know that I'm no longer buying them but I still have my eye on 2 Figma figures, Lum and Miku Appends. Figma Lum is the only Lum figure that has recently come out and it looks great. As for Figma Miku Appends, she is beautiful and as a Miku fans, I must have her.
If you are wondering, no I will not sell them to you.

One more thing, I started to post O-Talk bonus content and its only available on iTunes. So, subscribe to O-Talk on iTunes.

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