OtakuDan.com Turns 3 Years old

Exactly 3 years ago, I started OtakuDan.com bored out on my mind at an old job. I thought I would just kill some time for a few days and forget about it. However, I enjoyed doing it and the rest is history. I never thought that I would make it past 6 months, but 3 years have actually passed.

Over the years, many people have asked how do I look like. Well, thats me. What did you expect, a cyborg bear wearing a top hat and a matching vest. Actually, if I was a cyborg bear that would be awesome
I would like to thank everyone that has ever visited my site, everyone that has left a comment here, and everyone that has shared my site with others. I thank you all so very much, if it was not for my wonderful readers, I don't know what would happened to OtakuDan.com.

Thank You

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