Weekly Picture 22

Well, I have been very busy this week with tests to take pictures.I started to dust my Master Grade Cross Bone Gundam, it has so many weapons.

I had to buy a new PCI UBS port card for my desktop. I started to work on it again because I want to make it my main rig again. I also bought a anti-static wristband, one can never be to safe while working on a computer. Just 10 volts of static electricity can damage a computer while you're working on it. Weird this about this purchase, the total was exactly $18 USD.

It looks nice. As of right now, I just need a 450 watt power supply, 2 GB of ram, a new video card, and two new monitor.

Later in the week, I bought Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally volume 4 and an issue of Men's Health. This is kind of creepy but, the total of this purchase was also exactly $18 USD. The number 18 but be important for me in some way.

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