Weekly Picture 23

For some time, I have been displeased with the height lever of my keyboard. I got a idea to fix that problem. I used old K'Nex parts. I pretty much just jammed in the small plastic rods into the screw holes. It works just fine and I have no complaints at all.

I started working on a new figure photography setup. A while back, I posted a setup that I was working on but it had a few flaws. This design is an improvement. I have been thinking about using a fog machine, one can never know when a fog machine may come in handy.

Once in a while, Google sends me a $100 USD "gift card" that could only be spent on their Adword service. I haven't done it yet but that free hat does look nice.

This is my work out routine for the next month. My body is going to hate it but, it is for it's own good. I'm going to be so ripped that all will fear and respect my muscles. My muscles will have muscles.

I decide to name my biceps Cindy and Tammy. You know what, I'll call them Reimu and Marisa instead.

My only snack for this diet is that yummy string cheese and 5 almonds. It may look sad but it tastes great. I love almonds.

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