Weekly Picture 24

For some reason while my insomnia is working up, I get these great these weird ideas for shots. Unlike the normal person would just writing it down and then do it in the morning, I end up doing it on the spot. I like how Black Rock Shooter's blue eyes pop out and she looks angry.

Once every few months, my internet connection goes up in smoke. That's why I end up not writing a post sometimes. Stupid Comcast.

I started to now physically work on the photography setup I wrote about last week. Ignore the messy futon in the background.

I got the supplies to finish up the photography setup. I also found out that my cute Kirino figure had been shipped and out the excitement, I bought a new background just for her.

These will be the reflective bases for my figure photography. I will be making and posting test shots. The black looks really nice.

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