Changing My Room: 2011 Edition The Final Part

The day before I painted my room, , I bought my paint, taped up any areas that I don't want to paint, and moved a bunch of heavy furniture. It was a great idea but, I should have done it during the daytime when I had energy.

I got Glidden Mountain Slate Blue.

I ran out of paint before I could do the trims. While I was at the store getting my paint prepared, I found this nice paint brush/sponge thing. Its freaking amazing when doing the trims.

Waiting fot the paint to dry so I can put everything back in its place.

Here's the final product. I like how the color makes the posters pop out.

When I moved the bookcase that contains my figures, I found out that it was going to collapse. I had to reinforce it so it would not fall over. It is a bit wobbly, but it should be fine if its not pushed.
I am planning to replace the bookcase that I use for my figures with a couple of Detolf case. However, that will have to wait until I replace my desk, finish fixing up my desktop, and getting a DSLR. I should get a new job first before getting those things.

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