Changing My Room: 2011 Edition Part 2

Before I paint and redesign my room, I had to get rid of a lot of stuff. I managed to fill two trash bags of things I had saved this past year. While in the processes of getting rid of things, I decided to get rid of my video game cabinet, it took up space that I needed. I'm glad that made enough space for my video games and controllers.

I had a habit of buying really bad bootlegs for that laughs. This happens to be the funnies bootleg poster I have ever seen, it's titled Gundam Seed Destiny but RX-78-2 from Mobile Suit Gundam is on it.

This is also pretty bad, this cellphone bag that has Rei Ayanami but she's holding a can of UCC coffee.

I also found the cover for the first issue of Newtype USA I ever bought.

I started covering up the holes in the walls before I paint. If I have free time this weekend, I'll paint.

I decided to go with this color, it looks nice. If I do find a shade with a bit of blue in it, I'll get it instead.
I may get a new desk, the one I have is a bit on the small side. I also have to figure out a new layout in my room, I greatly dislike how it is right now.

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