Dreaming of Dollfie

It was about 2 years that I found out of Dollfie. At first, I did not give them much thought. However, the popularity of these dolls started to grow and so did the fandom. When I found out that owners referred to themselves as parents and their dolls as daughters, I thought that was really weird. After seeing countless posts on Figure.fm for so long on the subject of Dollfies, slowly but surely, they grew on me.

It was about a week ago, when Smithy from Blue Blue Wave posted a photo shoot of the Dollfie you see in the picture above on Figure.fm. When I saw that beautiful face of that Dollfie, I knew that I must own one as well. With excitement I started to research on where I could buy one, when I saw the price, I was pretty sad. This is an expensive hobby, seeing the prices for a Dollfie to range from $500 USD to $1000 USD. I really want to be a proud owner of a Dollfie but, I think that I have have to do that big purchase after I get my DSLR camera.

I will never have such an impressive collection as Wolfheinrich from Wolfheinrich's World. I'll be happy with just one.
So, what are your opinions on Dollfie? And if you know of any online stores that I should check out, tell me in a comment below.

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