Interview: JAST USA on School Days HQ

I recently conducted an Interview with Shingo from JAST USA on the upcoming release of School Days HQ.

How excited is JastUSA for licensing School Days HQ?

Basically, we're really pumped for this release. It was a huge catch and we're looking forward to doing it justice along with the folks at Sekai Project and 0verflow.

What was the decision to bring over School Days HQ to the western market?

We contacted 0verflow last summer and started discussing logistics with them then. Once concerns regarding localization of the game content were addressed, we were able to move ahead and bring Sekai Project officially on board. 0verflow had an existing line of communication open with them, which makes this a first in terms of the trilateral nature of what we'll be able to accomplish with the game, and all three partners are excited to be working on it right now.

Will the character ages be changed for the western release?

School Days HQ was reviewed by EOCS, the Ethics Organization of Computer Software, before it was released in Japan. As part of this process, the characters engaging in sexual activity in the game are determined to not be under legal age (all are 18+). We see no need to further define character ages beyond this. In the game translation it will be made clear that the characters are not high school students (they are "academy" students, which is true to the original Japanese).

What features will School Days HQ have?

The full feature list is currently in the works. We want to include some really cool extras with the initial release of the package version and we're investigating those options, so expect a full list around the time we post the game for preorder.

Will the animated ero scenes be subtitles or dubbed?

The game is fully animated from start to finish, and the ero scenes are treated like all other scenes in the game; they'll be fully translated with English subtitles and the original Japanese language audio track left intact.

When and where can customers order School Days HQ?

We're expecting to have preorders open within the next month or two, with a specific date to be announced. It will be available at JAST USA, J-List, and other online shops that carry our games such as Right Stuf and AnimeNation.

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