Nintendo 3DS: is it worth it?

With the release of Nintendo's new handheld system, the 3DS. I want to look at the pros and cons of this system. This is to help me decide if I'm going to buy it or not.

  • The analog stick
  • 2GB of internal memory and it has a SD card slot
  • Virtual Console that will have Gameboy, Gameboy Color, TurboGrafx, and Game Gear games.
  • Netflix and 3D movies
  • improved graphics
  • 3D gaming
  • Amazing preloaded software
  • only one friend code per system for online gaming

  • Short Battery life
  • Region locked
  • Some of the online features are not going to be active until May
  • Some DS games do not work
  • The ratio aspect of the top screen sucks while playing DS games
  • The price point
  • As of right now, the Virtual Console doesn't have Gameboy Advance games

It's a damn shame that the 3DS is region locked. I enjoy buying and playing imported games. Now to do that, I would have to buy a Japanese 3DS. I'm hoping that Nintendo releases a firmware update to fit that problem that plagues their consumers. I'm happy that Nintendo fixed that whole friend code problem. Having to look-up or memorize multiple friend codes is pretty annoying. I will say that the 3DS is a great handheld console with some problems that can be overlooked. If you're planning to get a 3DS, do not trade in your DS lite, DSi, or DSi XL. I will be buying one but, it's not a high priority for me. What are your thoughts on the 3DS?

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