Weekly Picture 27

I bought a brand new wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I have been looking for a decent wireless keyboard and mouse, but individually it would have come out to about $100 USD. I got this combo on sale for $35 USD. It works amazing.

It looks fantastic.

The main reason why I like the mouse, it fits perfect in my hand. The one that I use for my laptop is small and it was cramping my hand.

I have seen that a lot of people don't wash their oppai mouse pads, I find it kind of gross. I wash mine when ever I think its dirty. I use detergent that is meant for washing clothes and a clean tooth brush to scrub it. After that, I rinse it off in and then let it air dry.

Just washing the Kanade/Tenshi dakimakura and futon cover. I wash my futon cover once a month. As for the dakimakura, every two months because I don't hump it.

For some time I have been thinking about selling my Megami posters. The thing is, I only use big mega posters and it feels like a waste of money to have 40 poster that I don't use.

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