First Thoughts: 2011 Spring Anime Season Part 2

Today in my first thoughts of the new spring anime season, I will cover Steins;Gate, Maria Holic Alive, and SKET Dance.

Holy crap, Steins;Gate has potential to be good. It has a great character design, the plot sounds interesting since it has to do with time travel, and the animation looks fantastic. This is the anime that got me to buy a premium account on Crunchy Roll. I highly recommend this anime to anyone.

Maria Holic Alive is the few sequels that I'm watching this season. The first episode was just reintroducing the characters and plot from the first season. This is just a good Shaft comedy, that's it. I recommend for you to check out the first season before you watch this.

I normally don't watch shonen anime but I was excited for SKET Dance. I have been reading the manga for a while now and I'm glad that it got an anime, but I wonder if it will do well. Some of the jokes are a hit or miss. Most of the chapters of the manga tend to be one chapter stories that do not develop the main story. However, I did notice in the preview for the next episode, it will have two stories per episode. I find this interesting that Shonen Jump been publishing more slice of life series. I do recommend this anime, but I have a feeling that it's not for everyone.
Normally, I would have a third and fourth part to my First Thoughts post of the new season. However, this time I will be coving the rest of the spring anime that I have watched so far in the next episode of the O-Talk podcast. Remember to subscribe to O-Talk on iTunes. So, what are you're opinions on these shows mentioned in this post?

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