K-ON! Purchases

Sometime back while checking out figure.fm, I saw a post of someone selling off a few of his K-ON! goods. I did see a few things that I really wanted to buy but at the time, I was spending money on other things. A few weeks past and I decided to contact the seller if he still selling his stuff. He told be that the item I wanted was on hold. Two days later, he replies to me that the person who wanted to buy that item had changed his mind. One week later, I finally have those K-ON! goods that I wanted.


What I bought was Yui Hirasawa figure by Alter and a K-ON! keychain.

As the random keychain character, I got Ritsu on a piece of cake. What I like about this keychain is that the hook can be removed. I'm currently displaying her on desk. Also, it came with a piece of gum that tastes horrible after a few minutes of chewing it.

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