Weekly Picture 29

About a week ago, I found out this pretty nifty hack on Lifehacker. This hack is to turn a USB flash drive into virtual RAM. I decided to tryout this hack on my desktop because I have been meaning to get RAM for it. I tried it out and it works, what I did was that I assigned the virtual RAM to help out the processing of power of any running programs. One can also assign the USB to process background files.


For those who are wondering, this is how I pick my anime that I'm going to buy on DVD.

Sipping on tea and editing the previous episode of O-Talk.

I have been wanting to buy a new desk, something larger that the one I had but it doesn't take up to much space. After looking for one, I decided to make one. I replaced the top of the original desk with a piece of furniture, that I thought I would never use in such a way. My old figure display shelves.

It took me two days to finish it. I had to cut, bind, strip, sand, and reinforce it. It came out looking pretty nice, I like the natural wood look. I'm still not done building, I'm planning to make a stand for my monitors.

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