Weekly Picture 30

I finally got my copy of Evangelion 2.22, apparently it was delivered to the wrong house. Later that day, Brighter than the Dawning Blue came in the mail. I have been wanting to watch that anime for such a long time.


For a long time, I have been using stacked up CD cases to have my monitors at eye level. I decided to build an addition to my desk. I ended up using parts from the original desk and shelf unit I had. What I like about that addition is that I can store things under it and it looks great. I nicknamed my desk, frankendesk since its made of different furnitures.

I ended up moving my figure collection to my dresser and bookcases. The thing is, the bookcase I was using to display them was about to collapse. I managed to quickly move my figures and the moment I removed the last figure and took a step back, the whole thing fell apart. I have luck on my side because the picture could have been of my destroyed figures.

I ended up painting my desk black, but for some reason the paint and varnish had a weird reaction causing it to bubble all over. By the way, if you can see in this picture the out line of my mouse pad's boobs.

After repainting it, It came out looking so much better than before. Five coats of glossy paint sure does the job. I'm really proud of the desk that I built and I'm going to keep this for many years.

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