Aniplex’s Durarara!! Set for TV Broadcast on Adult Swim

Aniplex of America Inc. announced today that its breakout anime hit show Durarara!! will make its U.S. network television debut on Adult Swim in June. The 26-episode Durarara!! series is slated to air during the cable network’s Saturday evening programming block, strengthening an already robust line-up of popular anime shows. Subsequent episodes (in English language dub) thereafter will be made available online through

“Adult Swim matches up perfectly with such an unpredictable show like Durarara!!” says Hideki Goto, president of Aniplex of America. “We are very excited with this opportunity. We hope many more people will have chance to watch Durarara!!.”

About Durarara!!
A pitch-black headless motorcyclist who roams the city?! High-tension suspense and action are taking over Ikebukuro, Tokyo! “Durarara!!” the animated TV series is based on the hit self-titled novel by Ryohgo Narita. This series has shocked readers and the light-novel industry with its unique characters and out-of-this-world story.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo, takes center stage, where various young people have gathered, each with their own expectations. A high school student who longs for an un-ordinary life, the strongest man in Ikebukuro, an information broker, an underground doctor, a stalker, a “headless” rider, and many others both cause and get caught up in trouble. This is a story with a tangle of super-extraordinary characters; one where no one can predict what will happen next!

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