Cobra is Coming to the Silver Screen

Holy crap, a live action Space Adventure Cobra is being made. When I found this out, I was just surprised since its originally a Shonen Jump title from 1978. I grew up with watching the anime and finding this out has me a bit interested in it.

The thing is, this movie is being directed by Alexandre Aja, The man who directed The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha 3-D. Aja's mostly focuses on horror and thriller films, which he is at good but, Cobra is a Space Opera. If he focuses on the storyline of the manga which is about Cobra regaining his memories and going on an adventure to find the greatest treasure in the universe, that could work. As a purist, I would be pissed off like there is no tomorrow if they make it about Cobra seeking revenge for his lost memories. You're probably thinking to yourself "Daniel, why would you be mad if that storyline is use? It sounds good", I would be mad because Cobra decided to lose his memories and get facial reconstruction surgery because he wanted to hide from the Pirates' Guild. Also, the "lose memories and seek revenge" plot has been overused in recent years.

I am happy that I'll be seeing a more modern version of Cobra. I mean, last year two OVA series and a thirteen episode series came out and it was pretty dated. The music was mostly funk and disco, which I don't mind but to the causal person, they may find it annoying. Same goes for the clothing, bell bottom pants were only cool in the 70's.

Well, this movie comes out in two years and I can only hope it doesn't become another Dragon Ball. For those who are interested, you can watch the two OVA series and the thirteen episode series for free on Crunchy Roll.

Source: Arrow in the Head

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