Kicking it Old School: Space Adventure Cobra

Today in Kicking it Old School, I'll be covering an anime series that has one cool dude that all the women want and all the men want to be him and an adventure that spans cross the universe. I'm talking about Space Adventure Cobra.

Johnson is your mild manner fellow who works for a trading company in space. One day, his robot maid Ben(a trash can on wheels) suggested that he should go to the trip movie company, they specialize on making custom dreams the customer wants while they're sleeping. Johnson being like any normal man, he asks to dream about having a harem beautiful and exotic women and being a space commander. However, he gets another dream that seems too real for him.

Johnson dreams about being Cobra, the legendary space pirate and exploring the cosmos with his partner Lady Android. The dream ends with him being a wanted man by the pirate guild because he shot Captain Vaiken in the eye. After having such an interesting experience, Johnson drives back home but he crashed into a familiar face, Captain Vaiken. Johnson mentioned to Vaiken that he looks just like the guy he saw in his dream. Vaiken starts to question Johnson if he knew anything about Cobra, because of that Johnson lifts his left arm and shoots Vaiken with the psycho-gun, a laser gun hidden under a prosthetic arm. When Johnson returns home, he remembers that he is Cobra and that Ben was Lady Android in disguise. The both of them resume their adventures across the galaxy.

This series is dated. It has a 70s vibe to it which to some people, they may find it boring because it looks old. I find that to be a stupid reason not to watch a good show like his because they're use to bright colors and weak storytelling. For its time, it had a great story and fast pace action.

The manga, movie, and original anime never got licensed in the States. However in recent years, two OVA series and a thirteen episode series have come out and they are free to watch on Crunchyroll.

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