Team Fortress 2, Now With Video Capture

There's one type of video game genre that I'm not particularly fond of and that's the first-person shooter. My reason behind that is because during multiplayer they tend to be unbalanced. If you find the best weapon in the game, you can dominate pretty much any one and that gets boring fast. The one FPS that I do like is Team Fortress 2. Each character has his own individual stats, abilities, and weapons. The great thing about that, its balanced because no character is superior than the other.

Recently, Valve had an update for Team Fortress 2. This new update added a video capture and editing feature to the game. The great thing about it, it's simple to use and you can easily upload your video to YouTube. I was looking for some video capture software and the one's I found were not that great. Below is a test video I uploaded to YouTube.

The downside to this is that the length of each recording is as long as you remain alive in the game. You would have to stitch together all of your footage. I almost forgot to mention that not all servers have the ability to record your game footage. I think its up to the owner of the server if they allow recording.

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