Weekly Picture 33

Hey look, Weekly Pictures is back. The reason why it happened was a combination of two things: being lazy and being really lazy. Yeah, I suck. Now that I have the motivation again, here's the comeback post of Weekly Pictures.

I started watching Brighter that the Dawning Blue thanks to the Spring Cleaning Anime Challenge. I watched the first half of the show so far and I'm enjoying, I will be doing a review of it when I'm done. The next show that I will be watching will be Project A-ko and Project A-ko VS.

I hate dusting my figures. My reason behind it is that it takes me four to five hours just to dust them and they're still filthy. I finally snapped and took all of my figures into the show and washed them. It took me an hour get them clean, 30 minutes of washing and 30 minutes of air drying. This method is so much faster and I'm glad that it works.

I gained four pounds during my vacation, I feel pretty crappy about it. I started working out again by using P90X Cardio DVD. I have been trying to run everyday as well. I'm being very careful not to injure my right knee.

Lately, I've been catching up on video games that I need to beat. Most of the games that I'm currently playing are on the Wii and PSP. The one game that I'm mostly focusing on is No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, it's a fun game but I had a problem with it recently. What happened was that I was about to beat a boss and the game glitched. I haven't played since that happened, I should get the game resurfaced. I'm still playing a ton of Team Fortress 2 and enjoying the replay function.

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