Anime Spring Cleaning Review: Infinite Stratos

The second anime series I was planning to review for the Anime Spring Cleaning Challenge was going to be Project A-ko but was going to be a bit difficult. I was originally expecting 30 minute long episodes but in reality, Project A-ko is a movie series and each movie range from 55 minutes to 85 minutes long. Personally, I like to take my time watching movies. The anime that replaced Project A-ko in the challenge was Infinite Stratos. It's too late to pray for my soul after watching this abomination.

In the distant future, Japanese scientists created exoskeleton robotic armor called Infinite Stratos(I.S.). Many nations around the world felt that I.S. would overturn the balance of power, to prevent that a treaty was enacted. Now that the world cannot use these weapons for war, they're used for combat sport. Ten years into the present time we meet our main protagonist, Ichika Orimura, a 15 year old guy who enrolled into the Infinite Stratos Academy. He happens to be the most important student in this school because of one thing I forgot to mention, it is impossible for a male to pilot an I.S. but for the sake of the plot, he can. If you haven't figured it out, he is the only male in the entire school and this is a harem anime.

Ichika Orimura is most pants-on-head retarded character I have seen in a harem anime. I have never seen someone who is so damn oblivious that he does not notice that every female in the entire school wants to ride him, that includes both students and teachers. If there was factory of that produces bland harem lead characters, he would the latest model, more blander and oblivious than previous models. As for the main harem, I didn't bother learning their names but, I did give them nicknames in order of appearance, abusive, money bags, pork-chan, forced boring moe, and good ol' one eye. Personally, I found good ol' one eye to be pretty cute.

Like countless series before it, this anime only exists to see if it becomes popular enough to be the next big thing. This is clearly noticed because it took about seven episodes to introduce the entire harem. Also, it had an wide open ending, kind of hoping for a second season.

So far in this review, I have made fun of all of its bad points of this anime but it does have a good point, the animation. The animation looks amazing and it's especially noticeable in the action scenes. The character design does look great too, the girls are pretty cute.

I think if this show did not have Ichika and focused more on the combat, it would have been better. Then again, it would end up being Strike Witches but with more technologically advance weapons. Now, the next anime I'm going to be watching for the challenge is Canvas 2 ~Niji Iro no Sketch~.

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