My First Android Phone

I finally got my brand new Android phone. I decided to go with the LG Optimus-T, mainly it was in my budget of $200 USD. I refuse to sign a 2-year contract that will only screw me over like it has happened to me in the past. Come on in and check out what's inside.

As for accessories, it's pretty basic. I tossed out the cheaply made headphones because I have a bluetooth headset. I do like that the data cable is also the charger because it cuts down on having a ton of extra cables that get missed placed. It's also nice that it includes a 2 GB micro SD card.
As for the list of apps that I'm currently running:
Chrome to Phone (sending websites from my computers to my phone)
Android 2 Cloud (sending websites from my phone to my computers)
DropBox (For my files on the go)
ScanLife (QR code scanner)
Wake on Lan (Turning on and off my desktop from anywhere around the world )
Utorrent remote (managing my torrents)

Damn, my phone looks even better with the mobile version of my site running. If you want to check out the mobile version, just scan the QR code on the right side bar with your phone. You must have a QR reader in order to scan it.
For the first time ever, I'm happy with the phone I have. It does everything that I expected from it with ease and it feels like an actual phone in my hand and not a child's toy. Damn, I'm slowly turning into an Android fanboy.

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