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For more than year, I have been unhappy about my site's content and I have been burned out from blogging. During that time, I really didn't know what could get me out of that funk and I was trying different things to fight against it. Most of these things worked but because the lack of energy I had, I couldn't do it. However, podcasting saved me and now I'm better than ever.

Almost a year ago, I made a post called Dissecting Fandom: Moe Fan; This post was about psychologically breaking down subsections of anime fandom and their reasons why they do it. I loved writing it because I enjoy making interesting and intellectual posts. Now that I have the will power, Dissecting Fandom is coming back.

Kicking it Old School and Weekly Pictures are also coming back. Kicking it Old School is fun for me to write because I get to remember so many great anime from the 70's and 80's. As for Weekly Pictures, my camera has been having trouble focusing and I have been doing manual focusing instead. I had a fear of it breaking but, I shouldn't because its a tool and no matter what, my pictures will come out great.

I'm also thinking of doing more anime, manga, and visual novel reviews and How To posts. The anime and manga reviews will be combination of older and newer stuff from the past 3 years. Visual novels take a lot of time to fully complete and I won't be able to make frequent reviews of them. As for the How Do posts, I highly enjoy DIY projects and I want to share a few that I have done.

There is one thing that I have been neglecting about the O-Talk podcast and that's bonus content. I need to produce a few in the next couple of weeks. There are two things that I would like to do as O-Talk episodes, an episode devoted to Q & A and a listener call-in episode.

I'm also working on marketing my site. I will be getting some help from the genius Charles Dunbar. I will make my site successful as it once was, even if I died trying.

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