Retro Game Master is Finally Here!!!

I'm incredibly happy that Retro Game Master is finally being released as legal stream on Kotaku. For those who don't know, Retro Game Master, known in Japan as GameCenter CX is a Japanese television show where Shinya Arino plays 8-bit and 16-bit Japanese games. It sounds simple, but it's not, he is giving a time limit to beat the game and did I forgot to mention that he is not a gaming expert.

At the surface level, it is just an hour long show about a guy trying to beat old school games. However, it's about a man trying to overcome a challenge and we see his struggle documented on film for our amusement. Seeing Arino reaching the end of a level that he fought for hours, you will fell happy and excited for him. While seeing him fail when he is so close to taste the sweet honey known as victory, you will dread and frustration for him.

In japan, RGM has 15 season with over 120 episodes released so far. The first season focused mostly on video game companies and the challenges varied from old to modern games. After the second season, they started to focus more on the old school game challenges. The odd thing is, Kotaku released episode 29 as the first episode. I can see why they did it because episode 29 is Ninja Gaiden and that game is known to be one of the the hardest games ever released for the Famicom/NES.

I highly recommend this show for everyone to watch, it's a fun and simple show that anyone can enjoy. one more thing, if you like the show, you should consider getting the DS game based on it. This game is freaking amazing and a while back, I did a review of Retro Game Challenge.

EXTRA: New episode O-Talk Bonus content is only available on iTunes.

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