Switching to Android

Lately, I have been having cellphone problems. At the moment, I currently own the Nokia 5230 and it have been a horrible experiences for me. After being happy with it for the first 3 months, Nokia released an update for it and all hell broke loose. Touch screen is not responsive at times, the screen whites out, sometimes static sounds will come from it, and it turns itself off and on. I must get a new phone, and an Android phone looks mighty fine right now.

I started looking at some phones on T-Mobile and I am interested in the Android section. I know that Android phones and its app market is the biggest competitor to the iOS and its app store. After doing some reach, I learned that Android is very flexible when it comes to installing one's custom software and it could run multiple apps at the same time without an problem. Another good thing about Android, I could choose any phone I want, which means that I could pick a phone that fits in my budget. Both Lifehacker and Maximum PC have great articles on the advantages for Android.

The reason why I made this short post is to ask Android users what are some great apps that I should use and other great things I can use it for? I'm asking my awesome reader for some advise.

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