Weekly Picture 34

It's the return of Weekly Picture. Now that I'm on vacation, I have more time to take pictures and focus on my photography. For those who don't know what this is all about, these posts are like a weekly journal for me that I share to my readers. I also share some experimental photography techniques that I'm trying out. by the way, the first picture in this post does not mean anything. It was added to take up some space.

After 2 years, I finally got new glasses. I like these frames because they are more mature looking than the last pair I had.

Do you see this beautiful mouse pad of Kanade from Angel Beats!? Do you want to buy one just like this? Well, don't because it's a piece of sh*t. I recently got this crappy mouse pad expecting it to be awesome. First of all, it does not have a foam or rubber grip, so it ends up slicing around my desk. Second of all, its nothing but a sheet of glossy plastic, so if you have an optical/laser mouse, it wont work. To make it worse, the thing curled up in less than 2 days. If you ever plan to buy a mouse pad from Broccoli Company, stay away from them.

I'm done buying cans of compressed air for dusting. They can ruin electronics such as cameras if the freon comes out, the bittering agent is horrible if it gets on your hands, and you end up wasting a lot of money buying them. So, I ended up getting a Giottos Air blaster. It works amazing and you can get some exercise from it too.

Recently, Gamestop had a "buy two used games, get the third free" sale. I ended up buying New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Pangya gold for the PSP, and WTF: Work Time Fun for the PSP.

While driving back from Gamestop, I got inspired to take some pictures on the side of the road. This photography style is known as lomography.I currently don't own a lomo camera or a camera that has it as a preset, however, I found a Photoshop tutorial for it.

I really like how the second picture came out.

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