What the Hell Gundam AGE?

A while back, Anime News Network had an article on the announcement of a brand new Gundam series. It has been 2 years since a new Gundam television Series has appeared; not counting the Gundam Unicorn OVA and the Gunpla Builders OVA. Then I saw the character design and the trailer. What the hell is this?

The new Gundam series is clearly a kid’s show. For some strange reason, the art style for certain characters is very reminiscent of 70’s anime. At the same time, there are characters that look like rejects from an anime based off a children’s card game. Also, the age of the 3 main protagonists are respectably 14, 15, 13 years old. Again, the ages of rejects from an anime based off a children’s card game.

As for the Gundam AGE, it’s not the most impressive looking mobile suit I have seen in recent years. Now, some may be thinking to themselves”what about the original Gundam, that thing looks boring and plain. ” Well, you’re right; the original Gundam does look boring and plain in this day and age but, in the 80’s, it was amazing. The only thing that saves the Gundam AGE is that it could swap its arms and legs from other mobile suits. Some variations make give it an edgy look, while other variations will make it look like random parts that don’t match and are only there for their stats.

Well, this is the point in the post that I’ll be playing devil’s advocate. Maybe, this is a good thing that a new Gundam series is being targeted towards children. Yes, it’s alienating its hardcore audience but how will they create new fans? When an older generation dies out, you need a new generation to keep a franchise alive, it not, then the franchise will die out as well. Also, there is an interesting quality about Gundam AGE that may be a factor of it being watchable; do you see those 3 young men in the picture above? They are 3 generations of pilots in the century long war. Seeing the developments of a 100 year war and how each pilot had to deal with it, is interesting. So, what are your current opinions on the new Gundam series?

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