First Thoughts: 2011 Summer Anime Season Part 1

The 2011 summer anime season is here. The first three new anime series I'm taking on are Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Blood-C, and Kami-Sama no Memo-Chou.

Ro-Kyu-Bu! is about five little girls in the six grade trying to make the greatest basketball team with the help of a 16 year old guy who became their coach by black mail. Just in the one sentence, this anime sounds pretty sketchy and it is. There is a lot of fan service in this anime, it is mostly zoomed in crotch and butt shots on the young girls wearing their spats and bloomers. The only panty shot so far is from the coach's older sister who's of age but she looks like a little girl as well. There is a glimmer of hope, they do mention basketball terms and focus on the sport at times. As someone who has seen Slam Dunk(one of the most popular basketball anime ever made), this anime is the dumb downed version but replacing athletic guys with little girls. As a chance, I'm going to give this anime two more episodes before dropping it.

Blood-C is an interesting anime. I watched the original Blood: The last Vampire 11 years ago and Blood+ 5 years ago, I never expected for a new Blood anime to be made. Blood-C feels like an alternate universe and it has nothing in canon with the Blood and Blood+ other than the all three girls are named Saya and they kill vampire like monsters. As of the first episode, it seems that Saya was born and raised to secretly fight monsters and we assume that was her mother's responsibility before she passed away. However her true nature is not being a killing machine, but a clumsy girl who loves life. As for CLAMP doing the character design, it is somewhat reminiscent of XXXholic. I'm going continue watching this anime and I highly recommend this to others.

I originally was not planning to watch Kami-Sama no Memo-Chou but, a lot of people on Twitter praised it. Imagine a girl who is a NEET(not educated employed trained) with an amazing computer setup and she also has 3 informants that work under her to solve mysteries and crimes. Now add a 16 year old guy who feels like he's just another nameless face in the world and somehow by chance, he ends up as the assistant to the self-proclaimed detective. This anime is very dark and realistic when it comes to certain situations, yet it is balanced out by comedy relief. By the looks of the fist episode, J.C. Staff outdid themselves in the animation department. To be honest, after watching the first episode, I wanted to watch the next episode right away. I highly recommend this anime.
So, what are your opinions on these three anime series?

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