First Thoughts: 2011 Summer Anime Season Part 2

On the second part of my first thoughts of the 2011 summer anime season, I'm reviewing Usagi Drop, Mayo Chiki! and The IdolM@ster.

The first episode of Usagi Drop was well done. I really don't have anything to say about this anime because I feel I would not be able to it justice. All I can say, it's beautiful

Please lord, help me. The plot to Mayo Chiki! is horrible like there is no tomorrow. It is pretty much about some guy who has some "condition" that when a woman touches him, his nose bleeds. Also, he finds out that some butler is actually a girl and he has keep quiet about it, if he doesn't, the reverse trap will get fired. Forgot to mention, it's a harem anime as well. Why does this anime need two plot lines in it? If it was just the plot of the keeping quiet about the reverse trap, then it could be watchable at most. However, they add the concept of the main character getting a nose bleed and freaking out when a girl touches for a cheap laugh. This is like the creator saying "look a girl is touching him, now laugh at my poor attempt at comedy". I'm going to be harsh by saying this but, only an goddamned idiot would like this poor excuse of an anime. I'm not recommending this trash to anyone.

The first episode of The IdolM@ster was interesting. First episode was played out as the first-perspective of this young man who is filming a documentary of the twelve girls trying to become famous idols. It was fascinating seeing the everyday life of these girls, seeing them auditioning, training in their individual craft, and doing promotional work like for example magazine interviews. However, there is a flaw in this format, if it was a 45 minute OVA just to promote the Xbox 360 games, it would be fine but it's a season anime, people would get bored over time. At the end of the first episode there's a twist, the guy doing the documentary is actually the new producer at their talent agency. For the preview of the next episode, it seems that they are keeping the first-person perspective of the producer. I do recommend this anime if you are into seeing cute girls singing and dancing.
So, what is your opinion of the three series I reviewed?

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