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I love writing in notebooks, it is just something about putting pen on paper and recording all of my thoughts and ideas on it seems beautiful to me. There is something I really never mentioned on my site is that I go through 7 to 8 notebooks a year because I do a lot of free writing to get my creativity flowing and I write down, research, and plan out my posts. For sometime, I have been needing a new notebook and this time, I wanted to go for something nice and fancy, so I went with a Moleskine.

The Moleskine notebook is beautiful and ah inspiring. When I started using it, I got in a trance and all of these thoughts and ideas came to me. When I finished, I realized that I will never use another notebook ever again. Each sheet of paper feels great to the touch and the smell of the glue that binds each sheet together is intoxicating with wonder. I am obsessed with this notebook.

Part of me feels bad for not using a fancy fountain pen.

Special thanks to lenejenius for the Miku Hatsune sticker.

If you are interest on picking up your own Moleskine notebook, here is their site and if you want to make your own, here is a tutorial.

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