Weekly Round Up: 6/27/11 - 7/2/11

Weekly Round Up is the new post segment that I should have been doing a long time ago. It pretty much recaps a list the posts I made Monday through Saturday. I also list my favorites articles from other sites, they can range from popular sites to blog posts. Here is the weekly round up for the week of 6/27/11 - 7/2/11.

My posts:
Figure Photo Shoot REDUX: Sonsaku Hakufu
Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Year Anniversary Movie Mock Review: So bad its Funny
O-Talk Episode 12: Anime Con Horror Stories
My First Android Phone
July Figure Preorders
Marisa Kirisame Gallery

My favorite posts:
Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide
Pzizz Helps You Get to Sleep Faster

Dorm Room Fitness

Final Frame: A CFL Full Moon

Guy Mounts Cameras to Fireworks to Capture Their Point of View
Lunar Eclipse Over the Acropolis
Fire in the Sky: Severe Lightning Storm Captured Through Stacked Photos

Akiba Hobby
Reimu Hakurei(6th Edition Reitaisai catalog) Review

DIY Photography
Lightscythe Is The Mother Of All Light Painting Sabers

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