500 PX, The Future of Photography

For sometime, I have been looking for website that I could host my online photography portfolio. Most of these sites are pretty expensive with monthly fees that at the time, I couldn't afford to pay. Then one day while browsing PetaPixel, I found an article talking about the growth of 500 PX. This is an amazing website.

When I was checking out 500 PX, I discovered that one can make an online portfolio for free. I was excited because I finally found what I wanted. There are a few limitations to the free account like 20 uploads a week and some portfolio templates are not available.

An interesting thing that I do like about 500PX is that every picture upload will appear publicly. I have seen such beautiful pictures being uploaded that at times, it will make me doubt my own skills yet they inspire me to do better. It is a website that if you are serious about photography, join it.

Here's a link to my portfolio.

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