Changing My Room 2011 Edition 2: Part 1

Well, by now you should all now because of my current situation about how I was going to move but then that plan went to hell. Instead of being bitter and angry about this, I will make the best of it. Since I'm the most fickle person in the world, I decided to redesign my room for the second time this year.

All of my stuff has been in boxes and bins for about 2 months, it's driving me nuts.

I started by installing plastic rain gutter to the back of my desk. This is mainly for cable management and I really hate seeing a mess of cables on the floor. I got this idea from Lifehacker, they a lot of great tutorial on cable management that are worth checking out.
I also finished painting the two small bookcases. The first time I did it, the paint chipped off and it bubbled. On my second try, I was successful with my paint job. The next thing that I will be doing, I will replace the crappy carpet that is harmful to my allergies to a nice wooden floor.

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