Changing My Room 2011 Edition 2: Part 2

Well, here is the second part of me changing my room. This has to be the most difficult thing I have done in changing my room. What I'm doing is that I'm replacing the carpet for wooden floors.

This carpet has seen hell.

Here is the padding/insulation that is under the carpet. The damn thing is glued to the floor, so I had to scrape it off.

Here is the bare concrete, I rolled out brand new insulation. Then I began the hardest part of this project, I had to measure, cut the planks, and hammer them into place over 120 times. I lost count because it is such a mind numbing experiences.

Final product.
It took me 7 hours to complete this on my own. The only thing I have left is to add new base boards. I'm really happy with this outcome because wood is so much nicer that carpet and it does wonders against my allergies. The final processes is rearranging and getting new furniture.

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