Weekly Round Up: 8/15/2011 - 8/20/2011

Here is the weekly round up for the week of 8/15/2011 - 8/20/2011

My Posts:
Cirno Gallery
Mid August Figure Preorders
O-Talk Episode 15: Anime We Hate?
What I Stumbled Upon: Pogo

My favorite posts of the week:

Download Windows7 ISOs to Reinstall Without Restoring Your System
Geekaphone Narrows Down the Perfect Smartphone for Your Needs
Freeze Lemon Slices in Ice to Upgrade Your Water
How To Break Your Daily Caffeine Habit And Use Coffee Strategically
How to Remove Security Tags from Clothing
Build Wi-Fi Speakers to Stream Music Anywhere

Beck: 15 Years

Panoramas and Photo Editing Apps
Google Maps Adds Weather Reporting
Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Home Office
Final Frame: Comparing Android vs. iOS Users
Change Your Wi-Fi Router to Extend your Signal's Range

That Explains It: Canon vs. Nikon Debate Linked to Self-Esteem
M-Disc: A New Disc That Lasts “Forever”
A Neat Look at NYC’s Vibrant Analog Photography Community
Photo of a Reflection of a Reflection of the Photographer Taking the Photo
Beautiful Long Exposure Shot of Fireflies and Star Trails

DIY Photography
Super Detailed DIY Ring Flash How To Video
Fully Working 4×5 Camera Made Of LEGO Bricks

Anime News Network
Zero no Tsukaima Gets Final Series as TV Anime
Milky Holmes Anime Gets 2nd Season in January 2012

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