Kicking it Old School: OVA FRENZY!

For today's Kicking it Old School, I'm taking a break from the classic format of me picking an old series and writing about how it's great and how influential it is to both the anime industry and fandom. This time, I picked three random OVA from the early 90's and writing a short description about it and its positive points.

The picture is not related to the topic, but it is pretty cute.

Mad Bull 34
Daizaburo Ban is a rookie cop who is new to the 34 precinct in New York City. He ends up being paired up with John "Sleepy" Estes, a loose cannon cop that does whatever he wants. This odd couple work together to put away any scumbag that breaks the law at any means necessary. This 4 episode long OVA series is so dumb that is fun. There are scenes that will make you scratch your head and wonder what the hell?

Cyber City Oedo 808
It's the year 2808, the futuristic city of Oedo has started a "work" program for criminals. They are giving the option of working as bounty hunters with the reward of reducing they sentence by a few years. It sounds great but there is a catch, they must complete the missions within 24 hours or they died. The series follows 3 criminals that want the sweet taste of freedom, Sengoku, Gogol, and Benten. This is a Madhouse production and for its time, the animation is well done. An anime like this is pretty suspenseful with such high stakes on the line.

Golden Boy
Kintaro Oe is an interesting fellow, he drops out of law school even after he completed every course to become a student of life. He does this by travelling all over Japan on his trusty bicycle and doing odd jobs that get him into wacky perverted adventures. This OVA is nothing but pure a ton of laughs. Each self contained episode features Kintaro working at a new job and helping a girl in the process. In the end of it all, he wins the heart of that girl but the sad thing is, he is not aware of that.

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