Weekly Round Up: 8/29/2011 - 9/3/2011

Here is the weekly round up for the week of 8/29/2011 - 9/3/2011

My posts:

Suika Ibuki Gallery
Changing My Room 2011 Edition 2: Part 2
September Figure Preorders
O-Talk Episode 16: Love Letter to Miyazaki

My favorite posts of the week:

8 Essential Bacon Hacks
Revive Dead Ballpoint Pens with a Lighter
A Katamari Desk Organizer You Make Yourself
Get Your Plants Drunk on Flat Beer to Strengthen and Revive Them
Superior Alternatives to Crappy Windows Software
How Do I Securely Wipe a Computer?

The Very Best of Fake Apple Products
5 Tips for Working Distraction-Free
An Interactive Look Back at the Evolution of the Internet
Right Size TV With Augmented Reality
Reduce Eyestrain With a DIY Computer Screen Ambilight

Truth, Lies and Deception in Photography
US Gov Sues The Art Institutes for $11 Billion Fraud
Keep Your Eye Out for DSLR Cameras in Hollywood Movies
Clouds Photographed Through an Open Plane Door 4 Miles Up
Beautiful Macro Time-Lapse with Soap Bubbles and Magnetism
100 Years of East London Fashion, Dance, and Music in 100 Seconds
Pro DSLR with Cheapo Glass versus Cheapo DSLR with Pro Glass
Court Upholds Citizens’ Right to Turn Cameras on Police Officers
How Badly Do You Want to Improve Your Photography?
Street Photography on the Streets of Hong Kong and Mainland China

Blistered Thumbs
New PSP Title Corpse Party Shows off a Horrid Trailer

Crunchy Roll
Sentai Filmworks Announces License of Rozen Maiden and Sequels
"Street Fighter x Tekken" Box Art, Character Teasers
MangaGamer Announces "Go! Go! Nippon!" Release Details
Mecha Anime Openings Recreated in Lego Stop Motion
Nintendo Announces Limited Edition "Skyward Sword"

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