Writing About My New Job And Plans That I Have

Today's post is going to explain my current status in life and blogging. I hope you enjoy it.

Just a picture of me reorganizing my room. It's been getting messing since I don't have the time to be constantly cleaning.
Well, for those who don't know, I got a job as a photographer. Yup, I am finally doing something that I love doing. How I got the job was funny, I was being interviewed for an assistant position but they where impressed by my portfolio and offered me a Photographer position instead. Later on, I found out that I was the first person in years to actually have a portfolio during the interview.

As of right now, they have me doing portrait photography because it's how everyone starts out and I requested it. I have always wanted to do it because I find it to be interesting and I want to use what I learn from that to do better things. As for the equipment I'm using, I was issued a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2, Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens, softbox and various backgrounds. Yeah, I'm using some pretty awesome equipment but there is a down side to this, I cannot take it home. That means I still have to buy my own.

Since the topic of buying came up, I may as well talk about future purchases. As on right now, I'm to start saving to buy the things I need. First of all, I'm getting a new external harddrive, something with 2 TB is good for now. I really need the space because I only have about 10 GB of memory in between my current external and the one in my computer. Also, I'm going to replace the two monitors I have because one of them is flickering, while the other has been failing. Then I'm going to save to buy my own DSLR camera and a decent 50mm lens. Later down the line, I may spoil myself with a new HD TV and a Playstation 3.

I'm planning of getting a few stick-and-click lights for my figure shelves.
As for blogging, it has taken the back set for now because I have been pretty tired and busy lately. I will try my best to write posts ahead of time on my free days. O-Talk will still have new episodes made because I get a lot of help from my amazing cast. So, this is what I have been doing lately.

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