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After so many years of putting it off, I finally got a PlayStation 3. When I went to buy it, I had planned to just buy the 160 GB version. Well, that plan changed really fast when I find out that for $50 USD more, I could get the 320 GB version that also includes a copy of Uncharted 3.

Within less than a week, I beat Uncharted 3. I personally feel it was a fantastic game due to the storyline and fun gameplay. However, it has no replay value for me since I'm not going to pay Sony an extra $10 USD just to get access for multiplayer. So, I ended up trading in Uncharted 3 for the limited edition version of Atelier Rorona. While I was at Gamestop, I also picked up $20 PSN card. I wanted to buy Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online since the original version is my favorite fighting game of all time.

What comes with the limited edition version of Atelier Rorona is an artbook. It's really nice and the illustrations are well done. As soon as I'm done with this game, I'm getting the sequel, Atelier Totori.
For those who are interested, my PSN is otakudan1988. It is pretty much the same as my Steam account. As other games that I am planning to pick up later on are Sonic Generations and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. So, what games for the PlayStation 3 would you recommend for me to check out?

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