Where have I been?

Holy crap, it has been weeks that I've had the chance to write an actual blog post that it not involving the new figure preorders, picture galleries, and O-Talk. I have been working so damn hard as a photographer in the last month that blogging and other things have taken the backseat.

For the past few months, I have been working on a post documenting my personal experience as a professional photographer. Every single time that I complete it, something new happens and I have to start from scratch. I hope to complete that post soon because I would like to share it with all my readers.

I know it has been a month with no new O-Talk and that's because of two reasons, we wanted a short break and the new site that is hosting O-Talk. Everyone that is on O-Talk has their own life and is not able to be participating in almost every episode. Just so we wont burn out, we took a short break. During that break, O-Talk has changed new podcast hosts. We originally hosted the show on Blip TV but they decided to drop their audio format, so I had to look somewhere else. I found liberated syndication and started to use them as the new host. Personally, I enjoy their services but it sucks that I have to pay a month fee. One more thing, I have been thinking of dedicating a website to O-Talk.

For a long time, I have been slowly saving for a new DSLR and that has not been a success. It is normally due to bills and nice expensive things that cost quite a bit. I have been putting it off to get it later but my current camera has been failing lately. I pretty much have no choice but to buy one as soon as possible as an investment. I also would like to start working on a few personally photography projects that I have thought about many years ago.

Hopefully, my daily schedule goes back to normal soon so I can get back to blogging on a regular basis.

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