My New DSLR Camera

More than a year and half ago, I started saving for a new DSLR camera. It was a long and grueling task that seemed impossible but doing a little saving here and there, I made it. I finally had the money to buy a new Canon T3/1100D, then the holiday season came and it was sold out every where and if they had it in stock, they would raise the price. I waited once more and when the moment seemed right, I order it. Now I have in my hand, the new DSLR camera that I've desired for so long.

Wall-E was pretty impressed by it.

The Canon T3 is a pretty good camera if you're on a budget. The one complaint I have about it feels fragile because of the plastic body. I'm pretty use to using at work a both the Canon 60D and Canon 1Ds-Mark III, but I can say that this Camera is great.

As for the kit lens, it is neither good or bad, just okay at best. I do not like that all plastic and to be honest, I'll never use it again after I build up a decent collection of lenses.

Battery that runs on happiness and unicorn blood.

Tons of useless cables, CDs, and papers that I'll never touch.

Here is a test shot. The detail seen on Wall-E is great.

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