O-Talk Episode 25: A Magical Gathering

In this brand new episode of O-Talk, the gang talks about one of the best and nerdiest card games ever made, Magic: The Gathering.

Note: this episode was recorded on 1/31/12


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Sites mentioned in the episode:
The opener is Seize the Daylight by ParaDox

The breakdown of the two decks Charles spoke about:

The Burner from Hell Deck:
4X Seismic Assault
4X Lightning Bolt
4X Incinerate
4X Thunderbolt
4X Kindle
2X Howling Mine
1X Furnace of Rath

37x Mountain

The Banned tournament Deck
4X Stone Rain
4X Pillage
2X Balduvian Horde
2X Shivan Dragon
2X Lightning Bolt

4X Icequake
1X Ihsan’s Shade
4X Hymn to Tourach
4X Hypnotic Spectre
2X Black Knight
2X Pump Knight
3X Dark Ritual
3X Sengir Vampire

1X Icy Manipulator
2X Millstone
1X Black Vise

8X Swamp
8X Mountain
4X Strip Mine

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