Reason Why For the Lack of Post

Usually, I'll make this post explaining why I haven't made any post for the last few days due to be being lazy. This time it is a legit reason, I was diagnose with tendinitis in my left wrist and my fingers have Repetitive Strain Injury. In a simple way to explain what I have, the outside tendon of my left wrist has a constant sharp pain when its moves and at times my pinky and ring finger end up losing all feeling. As for the rest of my fingers, I have lost bit of strength in them and they get tired after typing for 15 minutes. So yeah, it sucks.

I took a week off to give my hands some time to rest. I started wearing one of those silly looking hand braces to keep some pressure on my wrist. I've been also bathing my hands in a epsom salt and warm water mix to relax the muscles. After one try, it felt like I had new hands. Stretching my hands does a lot of help too. I know there is no permanent cure for what I have, but all I can do is smile and hope for the best.

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